Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sign up PPP

Are you a blogger? did you ever know that bloggers get paid for their blog. payperpost.com is the marketplace for quality bloggers. Advertisers keep giving tasks to quality bloggers.

The page rank of your site is not at all necessary with payperpost as they see only the traffic you get and they calculate the real page rank out of the traffic you get, else you may lose good opportunities. If you maintain a good ratio with the sponsored post and non sponsored post then you can have a go (just 1:1 ratio is enough, isn't it great?) whereas other require 2:1 ratio. The give you jus two conditions for bloggers that their blog should contain payperpost at the bottom of the sponsored post and the posts should not be copied.

These are all introduction offers, the real business of the site is to locate opportunities listed on the site. Recently PPP has decided tuesday as $1000 day know why? they have planned to release posts for $1000 on tuesdays. A $500 post and ten $50 posts will be available on tuesday. Good thing about it is available for blog of any PR, any tack rating and any real rank i.e. even if have zero for all you are eligible for those. If you live in America, have a website with a ranking of 3 could actually earn a decent bit of money.

Another great additional feature of PPP is Customer love, which allows their customers to contact them directly, give their problems and feedback with PPP site. If you are doing a part-time job which is time consuming, leave it and add your blog to PPP and earn money being in your house. Also stop begging you parents for pocket money and start earning by yourselves with payperpost.

Join payperpost and start earning today.

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