Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smorty for Bloggers and advertisers

Hi friends,

Bloggers are people who maintain a blog(web log) of their own. Advertisers are people who inform their potential customers about the products and services and how to obtain them. Smorty provides a platform to establish a connection between the bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers and bloggers can register with smorty to harvest the benefits form each other. Bloggers have a great reach with people over the internet and the advertisers can utilize this to increase their popularity among the potential customers. Bloggers get paid to blog about the advertisers products, services, and website on their blog. Blog advertising has now become a boon for bloggers which is an additional bonus for them. You can also choose on what you advertise in your blog as you can accept or decline the offer from the advertiser. Once you register with smorty it acts a connection between blogger and the advertiser and the opportunities for you are sent directly to your panel admin and e-mail account. And you can begin to blog for money. Smorty pays the bloggers immediately by transferring money to your account. Smorty also provides top class service for its members.

So what are you waiting for, if you still haven't registered with smorty.com, then now is your time. Join smorty and reap the benefits.

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