Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kamal's new movie

You all know there is a new movie that kamal is working on right now, but only a very few know about this new fact from Kollywood sources.

According to sources, there is a similarity between the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic and this film. Yes, a major portion of this film will be shot in a ship on the high seas in Europe, particularly Spain. There is an indication that this untitled movie will also be filmed in various exotic locations in Europe and China.

The movie is rumored to be a full-length comedy. So, no tragedies in it, is our guess. The press meet by the film’s crew on June 3rd should throw more light on this.

Office supplies for you

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Raavan music inspiring

Raavan is no normal movie and the music is not to be taken lightly as it had been waited with bated breath from all music lovers. As it’s not just a Rahman musical but it’s Mani Ratnam-Rahman combo, a combo which is yet to see a failure. From Roja to Guru it had been a magical musical journey and we know that this combo is not going to disappoint this time and as expected they don’t.
The quirkiness of a Mani Ratnam and Rahman combo was missing in this album. But whatever it is, it’s another success for the genius combo of Mani Ratnam-Gulzar-Rahman. An album that would proudly be placed in the collection of any Rahman fan, but for the ignorant ones, you just have to give this album time to grow.

Srilanka thrash Zimbabwe

So there - Zim have let themselves down big time today, and squandered their advantage on the league table. Sri Lanka have jumped into the lead, and there is a lot to play for going into the second round of league games.
Dilshan: "Very happy. We got the bonus point, it is a huge advantage. Kulasekara and Dilhara bowled well up front, and then all three spinners did well today. After the first innings, I was keen to find how many overs for the bonus point, and after 6-7 overs I said let's go for it, it is easy to get there in 20 overs. I hope to continue my form going forward."