Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Director Hari

Director Hari has been churning out one hit after the other and his current project is with Bharath named Seval. Left alone, this title would have had many takers, but Hari was fortunate enough to have it registered.

According to our sources, director Vettrimaran of Polladhavan fame wanted it for himself for his next film with Dhanush. Another actor desperate for it was Vijay. In fact, he is reported to have requested Hari to part with the title. However, the director smartly turned down the request politely stating that Seval has been publicized so much so that it is now associated with Bharath and Hari; hence, it would not serve the purpose. Moreover, the name is closely associated with the storyline, feels the director. He also assured Vijay that he would find a suitable name for his film.

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