Friday, March 7, 2008

Superstar's speech at Kuselan launch

Addressing the guests and the thronging media, Rajini stated that, like his other movies, Kuselan would also become a super hit. However, he seemed to intend to downplay the publicity and marketing strategy of the movie when he surprised the gathering my stating this. “I have no doubts about the success of the movie, however, I do not want to generate huge hype around it and I want my fans to know that this movie has potential,” the superstar declared. He added to the producer’s dilemma further by stating that he did not want Kuselan to be sold for large sums.

The superstar also mentioned that Kuselan would comprise of 50% of Pasupathy, 25% of himself, and 25% of Vadivelu.

At a time when there is news about distributors who bought Sivaji claiming losses, Rajini’s this speech has created a flutter among the industry, let alone adding to Balachander’s production woes.

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